Precise Carpet Stain Removal & Meticulous Tile Cleaning

Eliminate messes and enjoy a plush surface in any room when you work with White Mountain Carpet Cleaning in Campton, New Hampshire. From carpet stain removal to tile cleaning, we specialize in a variety of services for tile, rugs, grout, and upholstery. We use the top products on the market, including selections from Fab-Pro, Jon-Don, and Matrix™ Citrus.

A Deep Clean

Whether you spilled a glass of wine or are dealing with pet stains, we have the perfect product to make your carpeting and tiles look new again. Tiles and carpets are cleaned meticulously with a hard pressure steam wash, resulting in a beautiful shine. We then use Fab Pro, which is a phosphate free, biodegradable, enzymatic detergent. Our team finishes your job with an Jon-Don Matrix All Fiber acid rinse. These elements combine to bring a beautiful cleanliness to your surfaces.

Person Cleaning Carpet

The Right Products
When you are cleaning carpeting or upholstery, it is essential that you use products with the right pH balance. Upholstery in general requires a more neutral cleaner to keep it looking great without causing damage. Our products are on the opposite ends of the pH scale, meaning they will neutralize each other and provide you with a more thorough cleaning.

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